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Piano Tuition DVDs also Suitable for Keyboard
DVD piano lessons for the adult beginner by professional pianist + teacher
including 3 months FREE EMAIL HELP from Clifford Evans

Want to self-teach piano ?
This is a great product for you

piano tuition
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Help with your piano keyboard study directly from the author of the course ...
The piano keyboard DVD tuition course with its 2 DVDs and book are so self-sufficient, that we have found very few people contact us needing any help with questions! This really speaks volumes for the course.
We have therefore devoted this page to reminding you that you are most welcome to use the 3 months FREE email help which comes with the package.
This gives you the unique opportunity to converse by email with the author and get help on any aspects of the tuition or to ask any questions about the subjects raised in the DVDs or book about the piano keyboard course
When you email the author, please include these details in the body of your message:
name, address, order number, date of purchase
Even if you don't need any help, we love to hear from you about your progress ...
ENJOY your DVD edition of the course and make great progress
learn to read music 

right + left hand notes
2 DVDs + Book £99.50 shipping UK £7.50
TOTAL £107

Add £3 Europe, £5 for USA/Canada, remainder £7
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