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Piano Tuition DVDs also Suitable for Keyboard
DVD piano lessons for the adult beginner by professional pianist + teacher.

Want to self-teach piano ?
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piano tuition DVDs
for the adult beginner

Would you like to play piano or keyboard?
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Detailed DVD piano lessons + book
For the adult beginner
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Learn to play piano with Clifford Evans
Learn the piano with Clifford Evans
The piano course consists of 79 easy-to-follow DVD piano lessons for the adult beginner
  • ENJOY DVD piano lessons in easy stages
  • learn piano and read music with both hands
  • get your posture right from the start
  • get the rhythm right from the start
  • play tunes as soon as possible
  • play chords with both hands - not just the left hand
  • progress to any style after this classical foundation
  • Don't be an adult beginner for long with this piano course
learn piano notes with this course

learn piano with animated graphics
learn piano moves with this course
graphics help you read the music
impeccable pedigree .. extraordinarily thorough tuition package .. The presentation of the videos is to be commended - truly the best I have seen. If you do as instructed, there is no doubt that you will play well.

First review of the video 1st edition 1998 by Joan Dovener of Keyboard Player.
I think that I still have the best piano lessons on tape that I have seen and I have seen a lot of them.
testimonial by student of the piano tuition DVDs - Bob Taylor - USA
read music and learn to play piano learn piano right hand space notes
learn piano left hand line notes
right + left hand notes
2 DVDs + Book £99.50 shipping UK £7.50
TOTAL £107

Add £3 Europe, £5 for USA/Canada, remainder £7
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learn rhythm learn piano rhythm note values
posture at piano
practice tips
buying piano
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