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Piano Tuition DVDs also Suitable for Keyboard
DVD piano lessons for the adult beginner by professional pianist + teacher
including 3 months FREE EMAIL HELP from Clifford Evans

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piano tuition
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The music book from, "Learn the Piano with Clifford Evans"
for adult beginners of piano, digital piano or keyboard.
  • The music book consists of 55 pages of tuition material.
  • Explanatory text and practice tips.
  • Diagonal lines help you identify the change of hands.
  • Detailed fingering helps you learn piano or keyboard more quickly and efficiently.
  • Note-reading exercises, rhythm charts, studies, scales and exercises to help coordination development.
  • Original compositions, arrangements, simple tunes to beautiful melodies for your enjoyment and progress.
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The book is the central material of the DVD piano tuition - "Learn the Piano with Clifford Evans" and the piano lessons provide music and practice tips for adult beginners, which are also applicable to acoustic, electronic keyboards and digital pianos. The music book consists of the same material as in the contents of the DVDs, apart from some extra sections which lend themselves only to DVD and do not appear in the book. The material progresses in order of complexity from easy, single-note, five-finger tunes to quite involved piano pieces and having evolved from adult beginners stage and designed for your enjoyable progress. The last one "Ave Maria" is about Grade 4 ABRSM standard - play the videoclip on our homepage. The piano lessons include studies, technical exercises, chord studies, scale studies, arrangements of famous melodies - some folk-music and some classical - and original compositions all carefully graded to assist your progress. At the top of most pages of the music book are practice tips relevant to that particular tune, so that if you don't feel like getting the DVDs out, then you still have some basic guidance for your piano lessons. In the early stages, in order to assist the use of both hands as soon as possible, diagonal lines are used to show when the music goes from one hand to the other. Detailed fingering throughout the book helps you to reduce the tendency to develop mistakes which are then hard to eradicate.
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