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Piano Tuition DVDs also Suitable for Keyboard
DVD piano lessons for the adult beginner by professional pianist + teacher
including 3 months FREE EMAIL HELP from Clifford Evans

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Learn the piano with Clifford Evans - piano keyboard tuition DVD course in more detail
Piano tuition or keyboard lessons on DVD for electronic keyboard, digital piano or acoustic piano. Learn piano properly, read music in both hands, make REAL progress, enjoy yourself with the animated graphics which make learning easy.

Professional pianist and piano teacher, Clifford Evans created these piano lessons on DVD for you to enjoy. It has sold all over the world since 1998.

The VALUE of the course stands out a mile, because if you work out that piano lessons are at least £20 for 1 hour weekly, then as there is 2 year's learning material on DVD - even bearing in mind that the one-to-one piano lessons experience is unique, the comparison of the cost is very interesting, don't you think?
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The DVD lessons are suitable for the complete adult beginner with ZERO previous knowledge and specialising in piano tuition for adult beginners, empowering you to learn piano or keyboard and read music by animated graphics with both hands correctly from the start, therefore saving you time, effort and money.

The course consists of
4 hours of tuition DVD for piano keyboard + 55 page music book with 3 month's FREE email help included. This piano course comprises on average 2 years' learning material - depending on how much you practise of-course.

The piano tuition lessons progress gradually from easy to complex by easy-to-play phrases and tunes through carefully planned stages, gradually using more notes until you get to the last most beautiful piece of the course "Ave Maria" by Bach/Gounod, which is approximately Grade 4 ABRSM standard.

The author, wrote the original material and arrangements of famous tunes used in the tuition. The DVD piano lessons use arrangements based on folk music, famous classical melodies, some carols and hymns in addition to the original material.

User friendly

Short study sections helping you to learn piano or keyboard more easily.

Piano lessons with animated graphics show you how to read music in both hands - treble and bass clefs.

Piano tuition in rhythm with animated graphics, charts and exercises.

Playbacks of tunes with notes lighting up in yellow helping you to read music by animated graphics.

Playbacks of tunes with relevant close-ups of hands helping you to progress and achieve a reliable and efficient piano keyboard technique.

The animated graphics were created with great care to make it easy to learn piano or keyboard.
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right + left hand notes
2 DVDs + Book £99.50 shipping UK £7.50
TOTAL £107

Add £3 Europe, £5 for USA/Canada, remainder £7
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