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Piano Tuition DVDs also Suitable for Keyboard
DVD piano lessons for the adult beginner by professional pianist + teacher.

Want to self-teach piano ?
This is a great product for you

piano tuition
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piano keyboard tuition DVD set and book
Starter list for piano keyboard tuition DVD course with music book
.... JUST right for the adult beginner
.... who wants to read music and play keyboard or piano.

For MAXIMUM progress - you need - A piano - digital - acoustic or keyboard - sustaining pedal - blank manuscript book - metronome - TV - DVD player - "Learn the piano with Clifford Evans" - consisting of 2 piano tuition dvds, music book and email help. Also, you need at least 30 minutes per day. The piano lessons are suitable for keyboard, acoustic piano or digital piano.

Acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard
The correct minimum specification is touch sensitive, at least 5 octaves with 36 white notes from C to C plus sustaining pedal. An octave is measured 188 millimetres from the left edge of one C to the right edge of the next C. The heavier the keys, the closer it is to an acoustic piano.

30 minutes per day of practice time
If you can do more, have a break after each 30 minute session. Less is possible, but this will reflect on your progress of-course

Blank manuscript book

In addition to your course music book, you need a blank manuscript book to practise writing, naming and playing the notes as part of learning to read music fluently.

Either clockwork or electronic) for helping you to keep in time. This is not essential to begin with, but can be a great aid to progress if used correctly. Some keyboards have one already built in - but make sure you can see how many beat a minute you are playing. This will help you read music rhythm correctly.

TV and DVD player ...
with remote control of-course. This does not necessarily have to be in the same room as the piano or keyboard, but if nearby, this will enable you to do more things with the product - like play along with the animated graphics, or with the playbacks by the author when you get confident enough but make sure you can control the speed with numbers on your keyboard.
learn to read music 

right + left hand notes
2 DVDs + Book £99.50 shipping UK £7.50
TOTAL £107

Add £3 Europe, £5 for USA/Canada, remainder £7
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