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DVD piano lessons for the adult beginner by professional pianist + teacher.

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Testimonials of people who have used the piano lesson DVD tuition course

Patrick Reilly - USA - (psychiatric social worker) - And in all seriousness, while your course isn't the 'cheapest', I haven't found another that offers such a sound technical grounding from an academically trained teacher and performer. Private lessons for two years from such a teacher (well, from you!) would surely cost far more than your DVD lessons, so I'll consider your course a bargain. Thanks by the way for taking an interest in us late-blooming adult beginners. There must be thousands of us who, like me, have loved music for years but for one reason or another never got the chance to study it. Now we can.

Andy Moore - UK - (Sales and Marketing Director) I purchased your DVD course in late September 2006 and it has been a great help. Even my 12 year old daughter has advised my piano playing is improving and that has to be some compliment! Perhaps more importantly I've really enjoyed the DVD medium, the pieces I have to play, plus all the tips and help you provide to go with the music book.

Cong Nguyen - USA (Programming design engineer) I got the videos on late Friday 16 April (1999). I was very impressed with the presentation, lesson arrangement and especially the graphics. To say the least, a picture is worth a thousand words. Despite the fact that the videos are for beginners I think they will benefit me tremendously in terms of techniques, methods and exercises, especially the video number 2. Overall, I can't say enough, how satisfied I am with the videos.

Sandra Quinn - USA (Designer) Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the video that I ordered from you a short while ago. I am enjoying learning to play the piano and am learning the basics which I never learned. I am very happy with the course. Thanks again.

Alan Eker Guernsey (Carpenter and property maintenance) (About "Ave Maria)... it's such a beautiful piece .. it shall become the "pièce de résistance" of my small repertoire. I was really struggling with ...(another piano course) "....." and thought I'd put it aside for a few months to try something a little easier. But after the last page of "Ave Maria", it no longer holds any fears for me!

Michael Lamb (Isle of Man) I have had, and continue to have immense enjoyment from this course and find the videos invaluable, because watching the pieces played properly enables one to try and mimic them and actually, they boost the determination factor as well. The course is really very good and enables anybody to take it at their own pace. Many thanks for this excellent course.

Andrew Cooper - Canada (Journalist and Music Critic) "It's obvious this in no childish ABC method. There's a seriousness of approach that I think will appeal to a lot of adults who really want to learn piano. The book is excellent too, and easy to understand - quite complex by the time we reach Ave Maria. Seeing the notes illustrated on the video really does help. I think the illustration of the correct way to sit at the keyboard will help a lot of kids get it right."

Kay Dawson - Australia (Ambulance Officer) "Thank you for a very clever and fun-learning tuition package. I'm enjoying it immensely. What an excellent tuition package 'Learn the Piano with Clifford Evans' is. I started the lessons in December 2000 and could not believe I was using 'two hands' within a short time. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn the piano."

Emma Lillingstone - UK
(Student) "I am finding that the book and videos are very easy to follow. I have nearly finished the course now and have made extreme progress. Thank you very much for providing a simple and enjoyable course!!!"

Bob Taylor - USA (Commercial property management) I think that I still have the best piano lessons on tape that I have seen .... and I have seen a lot of them.

Upendra Moholkar - Canada (Software Engineer) "I am enjoying learning with this wonderful course."

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